Great that you want to participate in the Slachtemarathon 2018!

This edition on 31 August en 1 September 2018 is in extra edition en therefore it is extra special. We do not walk the usual 1 day, but 2 days, we stay the night ánd follow a different route as usually. We walk through all the villages. De tickets sales starts for Freonen on 23 September 2017 at 6 am and for everyone else on 30 September 6 am.

We want to know a lot from you when you order the tickets. We will clarify those choices to make in the following texts.


The tickets are € 95,- per ticket. You get:

  • Participation in the Slachtemarathon 2018 through a wonderful landscape and with a program full of music, arts en culture
  • Transport by bus from meeting points in several villages in Fryslân to the start en from the finish, or – if you want to stay the night elsewehere – transport back to the meeting point after day 1 and to the start on day 2
  • Stay the night and have breakfast in oan of the five ‘út-en-thús’-villages (out-and-at-home)
  • A special keepsake as acknowledgement of your extraordinary achievement


A regular Slachtemarathon leads us over the Slachtdyke. This special edition has a one time new route: we walk trough all the villages that are involved in the Slachtemarathon. That akes de route twice as long en we don’t do it in one day, but in two days. Because of the distance – about 91 km in 2 days – there is no Slachtemarathon for runners in 2018. Runners can run the Slachtemarathon in 2020 again.

Have a look at the route map. The starting point is in Raerd, the finish on day 2 in Oosterbierum.

What do we want to know?

In the ordering process we want to know things from you about the following:

  • Personal data (like address, email, etc.)
  • Preferred starting time (only if you are a Freon of the Slachtemarathon)
  • Transport
  • Where and how you want to stay the night
  • Who do you order tickets for?

First you can order the amount of tickets. If you are a Freon (Friend) you can order a maximum of 4 tickets. If you are not, you can order a maximum of two tickets.

Then we want to know your name, address, email, date of birth and how often you participated in the Slachtemarathon. We also want to know these things about the other persons you are ordering tickets for. After ordering the tickets you have two more weeks to fill in those data about the others, if you do not know that in the ordering process.

At what time do you want to start?

If you are a Freon, it is possible to let us know what starting time you prefer. The options are:

  1. between 06.30 and 07.00
  2. between 07.00 and 08.00
  3. between 08.00 and 09.00
  4. between 09.00 and 10.00

Wy try to classify you in the preferred group, but that cannot be guaranteed. Classification will be done in order of registration.


It is no possible to park your car at the start. You can choose to:

  • be delivered by a friend of family member (kiss and ride)
  • walk or get there on a bike
  • get on the bus to the start from one of the meeting points on several locations in Fryslân

You can get on the bus in:

  • Sneek
  • Leeuwarden
  • Heerenveen
  • Franeker/Harlingen

Stay the night

After day 1 you can stay the night in one of-the ‘út-en-thús’-villages (out-and-at-home). Or can choose to stay the night somewhere else. We then bring you after the finish on the first day from Wommels back to your meeting point and from that meeting point to the start on day 2. You will miss out on a special program though, because the feeling of the Slachtemarathon will continue in the five villages.

In which village do you want to stay the night?

First you choose in which village you want to stay the night. Every village hast its own program and atmosphere. You can stay the night in: Easterein (nei likernôch 40 km op dei 1)

  • Wommels (after about 42,5 km)
  • Kûbaard (after about 44,5 km)
  • Tritzum (after about 46,5 km)
  • Tsjom (after about 50 km)

How do you want to stay the night?

You can choose out of the following possibilities:

  • At someone’s home in the village
  • In a group accommodation (for example a sports hall or at a farm)
  • In your own tent, caravan or camper. If you choose this option, it is possible for someone who is not a participator to be your guest. Extra costs for that are € 13,00, breakfast is included.
  • In a tent that has already been set up and is already furnished via Festipi. You can order  and pay for the Festipitent apart from the ordering process for the Slachtemarathon. After the ordering process for the Slachtemarathon you receive more information how you can do that. Read more oan the special Slachtemarathonpage from Festipi..


Ofcourse we know that if you want to stay the night at te Slachtemarathon, you want to bring your tootbrush, pyjama’s, airbed en maybe even tent. And we understand it if you do no want to walk with al those luggage. Therefore you can hand in your luggage at the start en bring it for you to the village where you will stay. Ofcourse we make sure that the luggage will be at the finish on Saturday when you arrive there.


You can order a special Slachtemarathon training shirt. You can do that in the ordering process. Will you make sure you know the sizes of your companions you order for? De shirts are € xx,xx

Check and pay

When you have made all the choices, we would like to know for who you order the other tickets. If all choices are the same as yours, it won’t take you much more time to finalize the order. You will get an overview of what you filled in. After you have checked that, you can pay with iDEAL or credit card.