No Slachtemarathon 2018, but ofcourse there will be a ‘regular’ edition in 2020 again

The idea foar the alternative Slachtemarathon was well received. Unfortunately it did not result in a large sale of tickets. De organisation therefore had to decide to cancel the Slachtemarathon 2018. Even though it is sad, we immediately look ahead. That’s why we are happy to announce that the next Slachtemarathon will be on Saturday 13 June 2020. A regular Slachtemarathon, along the Slachtedyk, from Raerd to Easterbierrum.

Thank you!

We are very sorry that there is no Slachtemarathon in 2018. Just like you probably are. Let’s not forget that many people also wanted to experience this special edition in this special year. Thanks for ordering tickets! The villages, the artists, sponsors, suppliers, production team and board; Together we have done everything to make it happen.

Practical matters: refund

Did you order tickets? We will of course refund the registration fee that you have paid to your account. We are busy with all preparations for this. By the end of February, the amount you have paid will be refunded to the account you were paying from or we will return it to your credit card. It will be similar to the total amount you paid. So even if you have ordered shirts or hoodies or booked an extra night at the campsite, you will get that money back. You do not have to do anything for that.

Next Slachtemarathon: June 13, 2020

So on June 13, 2020, the next Slachtemarathon! And although it takes a while, you can already put the dates of the ticket sales in your diary. For Freonen it will start on January 11, 2020 and for everyone else on January 18.


Again, we are very sorry that there is no Slachtemarathon in this wonderful cultural year. But that is also the comfort. Because there is so much to do in the cultural field this year that we certainly do not have to get bored. Take a look at We will meet undoubtedly you elsewhere in the province this year.

Board and production team Slachtemarathon