Are you ready?

Only two more weeks before the ticket sales of the Slachtemarathon 2018 will start for the Freonen (Friends). On 23 September 2017 at exactly 06.00 pm it will begin. If you are not a Freon, you can order your tickets one week later on the 30th September. They can also do that from 06.00 pm.

Be prepared!

Please read the web page ‘participate’. It shows what we want to know and about what you need to make decisions. For example where you want to stay the night, how you want to travel to the start and for who you want to order tickets. If you are prepared, you can order your tickets more quickly and that means less stress! 

We are looking forward to it!

We are looking forward to it. How about you? 

Ticket sales on 23rd September (for Freonen) and 30th September (everyone)

Tickets will be sold from 23rd September 2017 (for Freonen of the Slachtemarathon) and 30th September 2017 for everyone else. Follow our website, because everyting will be different from previous years. We will keep you posted! See you soon!