Important news on cancellation Slachtemarathon

No Slachtemarathon in 2020. We still have to get used to it! Since we had to cancel the Slachtemarathon 2020 in March due to coronavirus, we have worked hard and worked out what this cancellation and the virus mean for our participants and for the next Slachtemarathon.


Start afresh 

Earlier we announced that we would organize the next Marathon in 2021 and that the tickets purchased would remain valid for that edition. But at the moment there is a lot of uncertainty on when events like the Slachtemarathon can be organized again. For example, it is now said that this cannot be done before there is a vaccine against the coronavirus. The time there is to organize a Slachtemarathon in 2021 might just be too short. So many uncertainties and that means a case of force majeure. That is why we decided to fully complete the Slachtemarathon 2020 now – including finances – and after the summer we will decide when the next Slachtemarathon will take place.


What does this mean for people who have ordered tickets?

Everyone who ordered tickets will receive an email (or have already received one) with information about what it means for them practically. We have added up all the costs that have been made and it turns out that our financial reserves are not sufficient. That’s why – even though we don’t want to do this – we decided to refund half of the money for the bought tickets. We do fully refund ordered shirts and hoodies. We will explain more in the mail to the participants.


We are sorry it has come to this, but we are looking forward to meeting you all very soon and please stay healthy!